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I was approached by Purple to help them create a cutting edge website, which took a mobile first approach and showcases different elements of the company. The website was created using WordPress, which included a custom plugin with a OOP, TDD and CI approach. One of the main functionality was to create an API to post jobs onto the site via a third party system.

For some odd reason, there isn’t an option to add stickies to custom post types in WordPress. In this article I’ll show you how easy is it to add this with some PHP/JS code.


The code below adds the option to make a custom post a sticky or not. If the sticky checkbox isn’t in the DOM, then it adds it in…

Web Schema offers a way to markup site content that is recognised by search engines. It’s currently only developed for WordPress but will look into supporting Drupal in the future. The plugin is still in beta and can be downloaded from GitHub. I’ll be detailing how to use the plugin below.


To install the plugin just move the webschema folder to your plugin directory and activate it in the admin interface. Once that is done, you can access the plugin configuration page in…

In JavaScript a function or method is automatically assigned a member function, an example is the .toString() function which returns a string representation of the method. Both .call and .apply functions are member functions of the Function prototype. Below I’ll show the uses of both functions and hopefully explain how they work in the process.


In this example, I’ll be creating a parent and child notation object. The parent contains a function…

I was brought in to work on the back end functionality of the site. Those functionalities included AJAX deep linking, continuous scrolling, a custom Drupal module, client side caching and overall restructuring of the site.

I recently stumbled upon an issue when trying to trigger keyboard events on an element and thought I did share how I managed to get it to work.

It seems you’ll need to add a tabindex attribute to the element if you want a keyboard event to be triggered according to this…

Whilst adding custom meta boxes to a content type in wordpress, I noticed that when inserting a media file into a custom text editor it always gets added to the content text editor. The reason for this is because the active editor is hard coded in the source code, as shown below in…

I was brought in by Radley Yeldar to work on a project for one of their biggest clients. The project involved me creating a custom plugin to handle all the custom functionalities required by the client. I also created the site theme and made further CSS and JavaScript changes.

I was hired by Maverick Media to create their company site using WordPress. I was the sole developer on this project and created the HTML layout, CSS and theme.

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