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Postcard from Glencoe

Birch Tree

Birch Tree

After my last photography workshop, I was eager to go on my next one. This time – Glencoe, with David Ward and Phil Malpas. My aim for this tour was to try and improve my creativity and find ways of taking simplistic photographs.


I arrived in Glencoe on Monday, where I meet the rest of the group. Later on that evening David gave a wonderful talk about creativity, composition and different ways we can improve our craft. What was really cool about his talk was the inclusion of quotes by famous photographers/artists that inspired me to take a deeper look at how I take my photographs.




The next day we set off early in the morning to take some photographs. I had to open my eyes to new ways of seeing potential subjects and composing them in the frame. It was really challenging to do this, especially when surrounded by water and rocks. But with the help of both Phil and David I was able to create a composition which I think looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, it started to rain and we were forced to go back to the hotel.

Later on that evening Phil gave a technical talk about how to expose a photograph correctly. He talked about light metering, using exposure compensation and also gave a brief talk about white balance. His talk was really helpful as I gained more technical knowledge.




We went to a few locations scattered around Glencoe but just like the day before, it poured down heavily and it was very windy. I managed to take a few photographs but I think the highlight was at the end of the day where I took a shot of a bunch of branches.

We had a chance to showcase our photographs we had taken during the tour so far and I must say there were some wonderful photographs taken by my fellow group members which both inspired me and opened my eyes to new creative ways of taking a photograph – by thinking abstractly.


Today has been sort of an odd one. First, the weather initially was promising but then when we got to the location, it started to rain. But I managed to take a photograph of the side of a dead tree – thanks to Julia and Joe who helped me with the umbrella. On our second trip out to another location, the wind blew my tripod and broke my tripod head which ruined a possible photograph for me as I think I got the composition spot on!

All in all, it has been a brilliant experience and I have learnt a lot whilst being here not only from the tutors but also from my fellow group members.

Another day out tomorrow, hopefully it will be a successful one.

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