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Being open to learn

I believe the act of being open minded to keep learning is good. It enables you to grow as a person and even find things you didn’t know about yourself or what your potentials are. Which in itself, is very exciting!

I have come witness to this whilst here in Vietnam. The people I have met, understanding their stories, way of living and aspirations, I feel I can learn from them and I also feel a sense of inspiration and determination to follow my own path in life. For example seeing the children’s courage and will at the blind centre to still carry on with life and do things you did think wouldn’t be possible and still doing it with a smile is just awe-inspiring! Or listening to Phuong’s story of how she contracted meningitis at the young age of 12 and lost her eyesight because of it but still managed to go to Australia to study and she now has a degree. Not only that, she’s back home here in Vietnam for a short while to volunteer at the blind centre as a way of giving back. Not only is she doing something compassionate but also the children will benefit from it, knowing her story and learning from her experiences.

My time here so far has been really exciting. Experiencing a different lifestyle and culture which has helped me mould my way of thinking about things which I feel is fantastic. I’m getting to know the language and even learnt how to read and write in Braille. Which came in good use when I wrote an English exercise in Braille for a blind staff which made it easier for him to understand what the task was all about. I felt so chuffed seeing him read it and knowing how he felt.

It’s so exciting knowing there’s so much to learn out there and let’s just say I’m looking forward to finding out!

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